Detailing Bull  PPF (PAINT PROTECTION FILM)  has been meticulously engineered to provide the best possible protection. It’s a specifically developed thermoplastic polyurethane coating that protects vehicles from scratches as well as minor damage from stone chips, dog nails, bird poop, tree drops and debris etc.

It’s a superb paint protection film because of its dependability and performance. It also includes a self-healing feature that takes care of swirl marks which usually comes with cleaning.

Paint Protection Film comes with a 3-5 year Warranty.

Under this Package:

  • This package includes a pre-cleaning of the vehicle’s exterior.
  • The skin repair method is then used to restore the painted body.
  • Paint Protection Film and our numerous coatings are applied to the following components of a car to improve the shine and gloss, as well as the protection factor.
  • PPF on the body, headlights, and taillights, Ceramic Glass Coating on the Glasses and 10H Ceramic Coating for Alloys wheels.

 Paint Protection Film’s Advantages:


The outside of the car is restored to its former gleaming sheen as part of our exterior protection service. This service includes repairing the vehicle’s surface, wheels, tires, windscreen, and other components so that not only you, but your ride as well, can make a dramatic statement with its new look.

This is accomplished through our high-quality, specialised methods and materials that enhance the appearance of a vehicle and keep it gleaming, gorgeous, and protected for years to come.

The beauty of a vehicle’s life does not have to cease when it reaches a certain age. In fact, with our exterior protection service, we make sure that the older a car is, the better, because our treatment makes an older vehicle seem even better and more gleaming than one that is brand new from the manufacturer.


What counts most is how excellent you are on the inside, not how gleaming and handsome you appear on the exterior. The same is true for your automobile, as a filthy interior may detract from your overall appearance in front of others, regardless of how nice it appears from the outside.

Our interior protection service covers refurbishing the dashboard, steering wheel, seats, fabric, and leather, among other things.

These are likewise done using a series of premium and very effective methods and materials that boost the look of your bike like no other, much like the exterior protection service.



Detailing Bull is Dedicated to being a one-stop solution for all automotive detailing services in India.