Graphene coatings are one of the most recent advancements in the automotive industry. Graphene, on the other hand, is a carbon-based material that isn’t exactly new. The strongest material known to exist on Earth is graphene, which is made up of one layer of carbon atoms. It’s 200 times more rigid than steel and weighs half as much as paper. This power is due to two factors. Because of its hardness and anti-static properties, Graphene is becoming more popular among detailers. Furthermore, due to its anti-static properties, it prevents dust from settling on the surface coated with it.

Benefits of Graphene Coating: 

  • Forms spectacular reflections while leaving a velvety smooth finish
  • Application that can be done at home: Installation is simple and does not necessitate the use of any additional tools or skills.
  • Incredible Hydrophobic Properties: Unlike any other product, it repels water and pollutants.
  • Years, not months, are used to assess durability: With only one simple application, you can get 5+ years of protection.
  • Ensured outcomes: Professional detailers all around the world rely on us, and we back it up with our “Tried and True” 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
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Advantages of Graphene Coating over Ceramic Coating

  1. Ceramic coating for vehicles has a longer durability than other types of coating, and its longevity is one of the main reasons for its popularity in the market. However, it’s fascinating to think that the durability could be improved much more with the inclusion of Graphene. Graphene is thin, lightweight, and strong due to its two-dimensional structure and honeycomb lattice. It provides unrivalled resilience to the Graphene-coated surface. After application, you can enjoy the glossy 10 H hardness finish for 3-4 years. Rain or shine will have no effect on your crystal shield coating.
  2. Ultra-high gloss and colour depth: The nanoparticle Graphene layer creates an appealingly rich, deeper gloss that improves the lustre and appearance of your paint significantly.
  3. Better hydrophobic properties: Because of its chemical composition and honeycomb structure, graphene has a larger contact angle than conventional coatings, allowing water to slide off the surface much more easily. Because there is less water on the surface, there is less evaporation, which means there will be no bothersome water spots behind your car’s bonnet.
  4. Less water spotting: Because standard ceramic coatings are known for trapping heat and causing water spotting, combining them with Graphene improves the heat resistance of the top layer of the coating. This eliminates the need to spend money polishing water spots that have etched themselves into the surface of your car.
  5. Repel Dust: Graphene has special advantages due to its chemical characteristics. To get a little more technical, graphene is considered “anti-static” due to its conductivity capabilities. This means that it repels dust and other minute or microscopic particles, preventing them from settling on the coated surface




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